Mission Statement

Mountain Ebony Hair has such a unique name but why? Mountain Ebony is a multifaceted flowering, hardwood tree that is prized for its stimulating powers. (Commonly referred to as an orchid tree). Its extract can be used as an astringent with anti-bacterial properties that create a rejuvenated environment to promote healthy hair growth. Not only is it beautiful but it is beneficial.



   My motivation and inspiration for Mountain Ebony Hair is to help people reach their ultimate dreams by creating and providing avenues of healthier hair extension options but also providing products for healthy natural growth.

   Most women just trust whatever products are available that may not specifically cater to their unique coils. Black women statistically spend over $10 billion globally on extensions in an industry that is 70% Korean owned. This is a challenge to small business owners based on price vs. profit margins that are made available to us.Being a woman of color myself, much about “black hair” has been misunderstood and unexplored. That includes the science behind its textures and how to best care for it. History has shaped the perception of our hair; its role in the measurement of our self worth and how we use it to express ourselves. From childhood on, our hair is one of the most critical, defining aspects of our embodied selves as black women. How we get it done, how we focus on it, the questions we have to answer about it from our curious,untrained peers. Educating women about care for their natural hair while also protecting it is something I feel I can provide by being two things in this industry; positive and honest.


    Mountain Ebony Hair’s future will include a men’s grooming line. My brand would love to have the resources to expand and help men to be more educated on healthy hair and growing their confidence. Protective styles , embracing your natural coils, knowledge of hair and embracing your beauty with Mountain Ebony Hair is the foundation this company is built on. Our services will be provided not just to my community but worldwide. Mountain Ebony is not exclusively a black hair business. It is solely a hair business that strives to be inclusive of all. I believe in the brand we just need someone to believe in us.